I will pick up. 970-227-5152
Hi! I'm looking for a punching bag (doesn't matter what type - free-standing, hanging,...) for training. 70 lbs is preferred, but anything above that would be great too. I can do a pick-up anywhere in Fort Collins. Thanks!
Need any unloved string instruments. Even those missing bits or beyond economic or proper repair are welcome, they can still be used for parts to bring back other instruments for disadvantaged students. Will gladly pick up anywhere in the Fort Collins or surrounding area.
Hi,looking for a working printer, and some speakers I can set up in my home for my computer and stereo. Old speakers that still work are fine too. Thank you.
Doesnt matter who makes it, just want to get a starter electric guitar for him.
A baseball bat useable for college ball or any other baseball equipment
Baseball tee for practice
I was gifted two hp printers. Both are without black ink cartridges. They power up but I can't tell if they will print. Does anyone have a spare 951B and/or 920B cartridge? I can't really afford to purchase new ones if the printer doesn't work. TIA.
I missed my senior year and would love a copy of the yearbook if anyone has one they don't want, or knows where the "extras" ended up. TIA.
Hi, looking for a car stereo for my truck. Funds are low at this time. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
Looking for a toddler trike for grandchild turning3
Looking for saw dust to add to my compost. Thanks!
I've been challenged to get a uke and learn to play it, but I really don't have the extra money right now, LOL. If anyone has one that they no longer want, please let me know. Otherwise, my friends will just have to wait!
looking for 2 kid at play street signs
Looking for some solar yard lights... The kind you put in the ground... We live in our RV and where we are,, there is no outside lighting so we would like some solar lights to make a path from our RV to our vehicles... I can pick up in fort collins... Thank you!!
Looking for 2 lawn chairs... The lounger kind.. I can pick up in fort collins... Thank you!!
Looking for a tablet or touch screen phone with charger for my autistic little girl... It doesnt need to be new or in perfect condition as long as the screen isnt broken... Hers broke after many yrs of use and shes going crazy without one because she uses it to read,, listen to music and play games... It doesnt need to be used as a phone,, it only needs to be able to be connected to wifi... I c...
I need a good condition Queen frame. Thanks.
I am looking for cubicle partitions to use in an office space to create some sound dampening and quiet areas for work in a busy office space. Thanks!
Wanted luluroe leggings size tc ( tall and curvy) for senior lady with diabetes to keep warm. Thank you Lavender
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