This is an Alesis Crimson drumset and it works perfectly. Everything seen in the picture is included.Purchased under two years ago for about $1200 but Ill let it go for $825 obo.Still under a protection plan until March and I have the original receipt from the local Guitar Center.Email through Craigslist if interested.
The Ashiko drum AND Nigerian Uyot Seed Nylon Rattle. These are beautiful percussion instruments. It is a true value getting both item for this low price. Drum has goatskin hide. Rattle comes with stone carved dish. Drum is 18 inches high and 10 inches wide.
Optimus MPA 125 4 channel 100W Pro PA AmplifierOPTIMUS MPA-125 100 Watt Rack Mount, PA AMPLIFIER, Used but in Excellent Working Condition. 4 Channels.Use up to 4 mics at once.$100.00 cash only. Will delete when sold.
Fender Squire Jaguarwith Fender CaseGuitar is in new conditionHas really great action300.00 or best offer.Criminals and Low ballers donteven bother
Epiphone Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO that plays and sounds great. Mahogany body wings with 7-ply MahoganyWalnut neck through body construction, Rosewood fret board. Gibson TB Plus pickups, the same pickups as in a Gibson t bird. The bass was damaged in shipping and has had a pro neck repair. You cannot even feel the repair and totally structurally solid with a fully functional truss rod. It was ...
2015 Fender tele standard in white. Great shape overall, does have a small nick at the back from original owner not me but you dont see it at all. Been filled in with glue so its not going anywhere. I put a black pick guard on it but other than that its stock, I have the original white one, can have both. Ive got an inexpensive skb hard case to go with it.No trades, shoot an email with any qs.
Blues Cube Hot 30.Excellent condition, includes cover.There is a small 1 tear in the fabric on the front just above the Blues Cube plate.
Im selling a used Behringer Mini Amp 4 channel headphone that allows for four separate mixes which can each be shared so you can run a total of 8 headphones out of it with the 4 separate mixes. Great for home studios, in-ear band practice etc. $40 cash. Thanks
Great condition, two small nicks case latch hit it in the body that are shown in the photo. I dont see any other blemishes, though its always possible you might see fine lines and things like that if you hold the guitar at every possible angle. I cant spend time looking for that and just looked it over well in normal lighting.This jazzmaster is a Special run V serial and limited edition with on...
Im selling a used Fender Passport PA speaker system that comes with the ultra portable Passport PA system the two speakers hook up to the mixer into one unit you can carry easily, power supply and cables to hook up each speaker, two sturdy stands for each speaker and a bag to put the stands in. You can carry the whole set up in one trip Great for small parties, conferences, band practice, etc. ...
Im selling two Roland drum triggers that were both lightly used and are in mint condition with original boxes too. Roland RT-30K Kick trigger - $75Roland RT-30HR Dual Snare trigger - $50If you want to buy both Ill sell them together for $120 cash.
Hi, Im selling a used Behringer EuroRack rx1602 14 Line Mixer that is rack mounted. There is some velcro on top from when I had it in a skb rack case and had a couple things on top of it usb hub and interface. Velcro could be removed, but once its in a rack case you cant see the top anyway so it doesnt really matter. $50 cash
Im selling a used 8 Sabian AA Splash cymbal thats in fair condition. There are some very minor hairline cracks around the keyhole on the bell. Doesnt seem too affect the sound. $25 cash or best offer. Thanks